Welcome to Quite Contrary

Enjoy as you walk amongst the beautiful soft toys from Mary Meyer and Doudou et Compagnie a big 'cuddly' favourite with every child.

Every little girl and boy needs a playmate, take a peak at the wonderful and vibrant dolls from Les Mistinguettes and quirky teddies from Les Deglingos.

Take a stroll through the traditional wooden toys made in the UK by Orange Tree Toys and Jumini a little corner of timeless fun.

Take a step into the world of sparkle and magic. Donald Clarke children's jewellery is Stirling silver with 'the most' stunning enamel painted designs any little girl would adore and why not keep it safe in a beautiful crafted jewellery box from Mele and Co.

Stop and admire the pretty leather shoes from Daisy Root. Each design and colour handmade with love and care for little feet.

And, at the end of the garden, you can snuggle down in an array of soft, luxurious blankets and hooded towels in every colour of the rainbow from Clair De Lune .
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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.
Another year ahead and we have some exciting new products arriving over the next few months. I won't say just yet what they are but you'e
going to LOVE them.